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2015: The Year of Marla & Jeanine

Check out our NEW VIDEO where we sit down with Tony Award winner Jeanine Tesori and SHUFFLES Kid (now Grad) Marla Louissaint! Their story is incredible, and we are inspired by these two strong women making such beautiful strides in the performing community.

As you know, Marla Louissaint has had a big year winning the Gershwin Awards in the state of New York and going along to win the Jimmy Awards nationwide! She caught the eye of composer Jeanine Tesori earlier this year who won the Tony Award for Fun Home, and their relationship through the arts has grown. Who would have known that all along their connections lead them back to SHUFFLES? Or that Marla assisted a class at SHUFFLES for the organization A Broader Way, of which Jeanine is the creative director and co-founder? It's a small world, indeed, especially when it brings us all back to the same studio. Take a look as we chat with them about musical theatre, storytelling, college, A Broader Way, and what we like to call "2015: The Year of Marla and Jeanine!"

Thanks for being part of the SHUFFLES Fam, Marla & Jeanine!!


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