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Shuffles is a Broadway Tap and Musical Theatre school for kids and teens. Director, Gail Pennington Crutchfield, started the school in the fall of 1992. After closing her sixth Broadway show, Gail decided to open the school as a way to give her own young children the best possible musical theater performing experience. Thirty years later, Shuffles has grown into a thriving training program that offers students a unique combination of the highest level tap, singing, and acting technique along with a love of performing. Live music in every class creates a professional Broadway atmosphere for students every day! Each year of classes and technique culminates in an original full-scale production for all Shuffles students. Shuffles students work on Broadway, and in high school and college musical theater programs across the country.


Gail Crutchfield, Founder and Executive Artistic Director


"Shuffles is a Broadway Tap and Musical Theatre training program, ages 18 months to 18 years, that gives students of all abilities a unique combination of highest quality technique with a love of performing. Shuffles strives for professionalism balanced with large amounts of fun! Shuffles students should leave every day, and every year with joy and confidence."


Professional training, strong technique, and the joy of performance is the focus at Shuffles. Tap dancing is a wonderful way to introduce young children to the world of dance and musical theater. Students of all ages respond to the energetic physicality of tap while developing dance, rhythm skills, performance ability, and a passion for theater. Acting, singing, and dancing are brought together in Shuffles musical theater program. Shuffles pre-professional teen students are some of the most confident and well prepared musical theater actors and tap dancers in NYC.

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