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Welcome to Shuffles! We are so excited that you are interested in training with us. Use this page as a guide to everything we have to offer. 


Have a question that isn't addressed on this page? Contact our Studio Manager using the email 

About Shuffles NYC

Thirty years later, Shuffles has grown into a thriving training program that offers students a unique combination of the highest level tap, singing, and acting technique along with a love of performing.

Each year of classes and technique culminates in an original full-scale production for all Shuffles students.


Shuffles students work on Broadway, and in high school and college musical theater programs across the country.

Director, Gail Pennington Crutchfield, started the school in the fall of 1992. After closing her sixth Broadway show, Gail decided to open the school as a way to give her own young children the best possible musical theater performing experience.

What is Shuffles NYC?

Shuffles is a Broadway Tap and Musical Theatre school for kids and teens. Since its founding in 1992, Shuffles has grown into a thriving training program that offers students a unique combination of the highest level of tap, singing, and acting technique along with a love of performing. Live music in every class creates a professional Broadway atmosphere for students every day! 

I am interested in a Pre-Professional Program, how do I start?

Shuffles offers two different Pre-Professional Divisions: Tap and Musical Theatre. Each Division holds auditions in May for the following school year. For more information, go to our Pre-Professional page

What Do I Wear?

All students are required to wear Shuffles uniforms to class. Uniforms vary according to age and class, which is outlined in this uniform guide. We sell Shuffles t-shirts, leotards, leggings, sweatpants, and sweatshirts, but we do NOT sell dance shoes. You can purchase shoes at the Bloch store, Capezio store,, or any other dance retailer. 

Do you have performances? 

All Shuffles classes (with the exception of Baby Broadway) culminate in a fully staged annual production with a unique theme, conceived, directed and choreographed by Broadway professionals. Complete with beautiful costumes, original musical arrangements, professional rehearsals, and live music, each performance takes place in May at a union theater.

We also have an annual audition-only winter performance called Peter Pantomime. Check out our Peter Pantomime page to learn more!

What classes do you offer?

Shuffles offers Tap, Musical Theatre, Theatre Jazz, Theatre Ballet, and Broadway Hip Hop. Not sure where to start? We recommend taking a combination of Tap and Musical Theatre, which are often offered back-to-back for easier scheduling. 


All of our classes have live accompaniment and fall under a “Broadway-style” umbrella, meaning there will be an element of acting and singing in every class, including our Tap classes. 

How do I know which level is right for me? 

Tap students are placed based on years of tap experience, age, and skill level. L1 classes are for tappers with 0-2 years of experience, L2 for tappers with 3-4 years, and L3 or Invited (INV) classes for those with more than 4 years of tap experience. 

Musical Theatre students are placed primarily by age, with our more experienced performers (4 or more years)  in the Invited (INV) classes. 

Still not sure which level is right for you? Send us an email at

What is a Musical Theatre class?

Our Musical Theatre classes utilize Broadway music to teach students to become true triple threats (acting, singing, and dancing - at the same time!). They will work on dance numbers with elements of various Broadway styles while learning vocal techniques and performance skills.

Can I try a class before signing up?

Absolutely! We offer trial classes year round. They are $40 which goes towards tuition if you decide to enroll. Email to schedule!

What Our Students Say



"What I think is special about Shuffles is that it really teaches you how to be a true triple threat."
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