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We are so proud of our graduating seniors and each year we feature them with a Senior Spotlight!

We asked each of our seniors a few questions about their time at Shuffles, read Simrin Mehra’s spotlight below:

  • What is your plan in the fall? Attending university? Traveling? Performing?

I will be attending Tufts University next year! I’m planning on majoring in Civic Studies and Anthropology.

  • What were your favorite parts/ performance features at Shuffles?

One of my favorite performance features was Tuesday School Dropout last year. I really loved getting to perform a duet with a lifelong friend I had been doing shuffles with since I was super young.

  • What is your favorite memory from your time at Shuffles?

My favorite memories at shuffles are from the week of the show. From pearl to dress rehearsals to the shows, it’s fun to get to see people almost every day and hang out! 

  • How has Shuffles impacted you today?

Shuffles has taught me a lot of really important skills. I’ve learned how to work together with others, and act confident even when I’m not. Shuffles has also been a constant community throughout my life, since I was four years old. It’s amazing to be surrounded by teachers and friends I have know for so long and grown up with.


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