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Senior Spotlight: Olivia Mansfield

We are so proud of our graduating seniors and each year we feature them with a Senior Spotlight!

We asked each of our seniors a few questions about their time at Shuffles, read Olivia Mansfield’s spotlight below:


  • What is your plan in that fall? Attending university? Traveling? Performing?

I’m graduating from Spence this may and I am going to be attending Tufts next fall as a French major.

  • What were your favorite parts/ performance features at Shuffles?

This is my 12th year at shuffles. My favorite shuffles performance was Eloise because I was a Plaza Pigeon.

  • What is your favorite memory from your time at Shuffles?

My favorite shuffles memory is my 6pm Tuesday tap class last year. Each week, we would all dress up in a different theme. My favorite theme was parents week when we all dressed up as Shelby as a surprise. When we got to class that week she was shocked that we didn’t dress up for the parents. We all replied, “We dressed up as you!”

  • What will you miss most about your time at Shuffles?

I am going to miss the community shuffles has provided me with for the past 12 years. I am excited to finish my shuffles career with many wonderful numbers in the works!


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