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We are so proud of our graduating seniors and each year we feature them with a Senior Spotlight!

We asked each of our seniors a few questions about their time at Shuffles, read Eva Herrick’s spotlight below:

  • What is your plan in the fall? Attending university? Traveling? Performing?

Next year, I will be attending the University of Chicago where I plan on majoring in Public Policy. I hope to continue dancing in college whether that’s taking classes in Chicago or joining one of UChicago’s dance groups.

  • What were your favorite parts/ performance features at Shuffles?

My two favorite Shuffles numbers that I’ve been a part of have beenThree FriendsandThe Devil Went Down to Georgia.Three Friendswas my showcase number my first year in Studio AP. I had so much fun putting it together and I felt like I got a lot closer to my Shuffles family that year. I remember two years after we performed it, my friends and I did an impromptu performance outside of Studio Maestro and everyone got so into it that someone in an apartment above opened their window to tell us to be quiet.Devil Went Down to Georgiais my favorite tap number I’ve ever been in. Learning the dance quickly and performing it as the finale in all four shows was certainly a challenge but because of how hard hitting and fun Shelby made the number it was certainly worth it.

  • What is your favorite memory from your time at Shuffles?

My favorite time of year at Shuffles is the month of the show. My friends and I are always the first to arrive at the Kaye, waiting outside on the floor until the doors are unlocked. Similarly, we are always the last to leave. I’ve made so many amazing memories in the downtime surrounding the show. Everyone always has so much energy while we anticipate Gail’s twizzlers and Cyndi’s encouraging words before the opening.

  • How has Shuffles impacted you today?

I will always remember Cyndi’s advice. While advice like “catch flies at a picnic” or “always be strong and wrong” seem to only apply to theater, I remember these whenever I enter a debate round, a school presentation, or an interview. Shuffles has taught me how to be an assertive and confident leader. I am especially grateful for the opportunity to assist Shelby with a younger class. Over the summer, I worked as a camp counselor, teaching kids and choreographing new dances each week. I know I wouldn’t have had all the skills to do that without Shelby’s guidance. The class I assist also has three Spence kindergartens, so it’s been fun to finish out my Shuffles career with the next generation of Shuffles students from Spence!


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