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Meet Shuffles Fashion Designer: Maia

We met up with Maia recently to get the real scoop behind the some our favorite SHUFFLES fashion designs.

It all started three years ago when 11 year old Maia had a great idea for some new shorts that could say "SHUFFLES" across the back. So, she took matters into her own hands and made them herself. She designed a prototype, went to a store on the Upper Eastside to get a base made, and collaborated with SHUFFLES owner, Gail, to try selling a batch at the studio. They were a success and are still in popular demand today several years later!

You'll see (and are probably wearing) Maia's designs on several items around the studio, including our hats! She's constantly coming up with new ideas for SHUFFLES merchandise and taking them to the top. Maia takes class weekly at SHUFFLES and often meets before class with Gail where she shares her new ideas for products, brings in samples, gets feedback, and develops new pieces for SHUFFLES to sell. Who knew that this bright young lady was the fashion designer behind it all?

Maia is considering becoming a fashion designer when she grows up- it's a fun line of work! "It takes a lot of research and work, but in the end it's really cool that I made those products happen." It is cool! Some of Maia's newest designs are coming out soon! Stay tuned for what she has up her sleeve (or sweats) next...


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