SHUFFLES New York City
SNYC Schedule 2021-2022

Please select the class or classes you would like to enroll in. SHUFFLES is a full year program. Once you enroll for the Fall semester, you will automatically be enrolled in the Spring semester unless you let us know otherwise. You must enroll your student in an age/level appropriate class. All registrations will be approved by our Director. You will be notified of any class transfer or changes. Pre-Professional Programs: The Company, Studio, StudioAP are by Audition ONLY. Read more about them HERE

NEW STUDENTS: All invited classes (INV) are at the discretion of the director. If you want to register for an INV class, please make sure to fill out your student’s dance and musical theater experience in the Parent Portal.

IMPORTANT: When logging into the Parent Portal, you can register for Spring classes by going to “Find Classes” and filtering by “Session”. When registering, please update your student’s birthdate on the Parent Portal to help with correct placement.

For questions regarding registration and Hybrid options for our Fall classes, please contact the Studio Manager at

Classes grouped by age/level
L1 = Level 1 (0-1 years training)
L2 = Level 2 (1-2 years training)
L3 = Level 3 (3-4 years training)
INV = Invited Class (Must be approved by Director to enroll)
MTC = Musical Theater Class
THTR BALLET = Theater Ballet
THTR JAZZ = Theater Jazz
Bravo! Company @ SHUFFLES = By Audition Only
The Company @ SHUFFLES = By Audition Only
The Studio @ SHUFFLES = By Audition Only
The Studio AP @ SHUFFLES = By Audition Only
CompanyX = By Audition Only
StudioX = By Audition Only