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Senior Spotlight: Sophia Paley

1. What is your plan in the fall? Attending university? Traveling? Performing? Give me all the deets!!

I will be attending Northwestern University in the fall with an intended major in Communication Studies. 

2. What were your favorite parts/ performance features at Shuffles?

One of my favorite performance features was my “fastest feet” solo sophomore year, as I really love a high energy and challenging combo. This was also my first time having a solo during a Shuffles show and so it was pretty exhilarating to go out on stage alone and do a number that I really loved. 

3. What is your favorite memory from your time at Shuffles?

One of my favorite memories was performing Opus onstage for the first time. To learn Harold Cromer’s dance is truly an honor, and to perform it well is definitely an achievement. Opus is a very difficult, fast-paced and long number, and as one of the youngest in the dance, I was afraid I would not be able to keep up. However, I was able to complete the number well with a smile on my face and I look forward to performing it again this year!

4. How has Shuffles impacted you today?

Shuffles has had a lasting impact on not only my dancing skills, but my self confidence. I now know that I can tackle any problem just as I’ve attempted any difficult tap step, with determination and perseverance. I have learned from supportive and talented teachers and have made friendships that will truly last a lifetime. 


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