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Senior Spotlight: Lena-Marie Stoger

Lena-Marie has been at SHUFFLES since she was four years old and says that she will miss the weekly high-level tap classes when she goes to college, in addition to the SHUFFLES community, and her weekly Wednesday private lesson with Shelby. She will also miss living in New York City, and being able to see any show, concert or ballet at Lincoln Center!

One of Lena-Marie’s favorite SHUFFLES performances was doing “Opus” in Le Grand Cirque when she was 12.

“It was the first year that I had performed ‘Opus,’” says Lena-Marie. “I remember feeling so proud to perform that dance with many older dancers on the stage.”

At SHUFFLES, Lena-Marie notes that she learned how to be more confident.

“I have always been very shy growing up, so being in dance a few times a week at SHUFFLES since I was 4 practically forced me to open up, in the best way possible. My time at SHUFFLES has also taught me that hard work and persistence pays off.”

When not at SHUFFLES, Lena-Marie can be found playing violin, whether practicing at a quartet rehearsal or at a lesson. Her career goal is to be a founding member of a successful string quartet and to bring music and theater to less fortunate communities as she believes that every child should have the opportunity to be immersed in the arts from a young age!

Lena-Marie is inspired by her mom, Amelia DeMayo, who is the “most selfless and successful person I know.” She further explains that her mom has worked tirelessly to provide her with the training and tools that she has needed as both a dancer and a musician!

We will miss your tapping feet, Lena-Marie, and wish you much success!


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