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Senior Spotlight: Kate Louissaint

SHUFFLES Company Member Kate Louissaint is graduating from LaGuardia Arts High School and then headed to the University of Michigan to pursue her BFA in Musical Theatre. Kate’s future goals include “performing, sharing, and indulging in the arts”! She hopes to be able to perform on Broadway or the West End in addition to creating a company or program that exists in different countries, including developing nations, that specializes in training multifaceted youth.

Kate says that at SHUFFLES, she learned that building a strong and close relationship with peers is all about offering support when people need it.

“I cannot stress this enough to younger SHUFFLES kids—help each other out! A class is strongest when the dancers work together to retain material and move forward instead of constantly reviewing, so it is beneficial to everyone, despite their level, to look around and see who needs help or who can help you.”

Kate’s favorite SHUFFLES memory was when she was new to Company and during one hard class, Ben Vereen walked in and listened to them, and complemented their rhythm and articulation as they did a combination.

“It felt like we were being noticed as hard workers and special tap dancers, and brought us even closer as a group!”

When Kate is not at SHUFFLES, she can be found writing poetry, turning the poetry into songs and accompanying herself on the guitar or piano. In the rare moments where she is not training, she loves baking new desserts and spending time with her cat Lola!

Kate’s biggest inspirations are her mother and grandmother because of their fearlessness and drive, in addition to being gracious, loving, and giving! They also inspire her to be innovative and self-loving.

We will miss you and your tapping feet, Kate!


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