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Senior Spotlight: Jack Kassin

SHUFFLES Studio Member Jack Kassin is graduating from the Clinton School this year and then planning on heading to the University of Vermont! He is interested in pursuing studies in Anthropology and still plans on continuing to dance, and hopes to either choreograph or perform in pieces throughout college.

“I will definitely miss the community at SHUFFLES when I go to college,” says Jack. “I love SHUFFLES because I constantly feel supported by my peers and teachers. I also feel that I have made positive, strong friendships with all of them. Thus, I'm not sure if I'll be able to find a dance community as strong as SHUFFLES in college!”

Jack had two favorite SHUFFLES performances—the "Fish Slapping Song" in Taparella, because the number was so silly, and he was dressed up in a complete Pippi Longstocking costume (wig and all); and “Our Favorite Son” in Meet Me At the Plaza as the hard work that was put into the number was clearly shown in the final performance.

Jack mentions that learning how to “be strong and wrong” has been one of the best things he has learned at SHUFFLES!

“I am the type of person who overthinks things before they happen, so this advice helped me to stay confident even if I mess up,” he explains. “This has also helped me to cover my emotions when I mess up and just keep going, which is a great trait to have as a performer.”

Jack’s favorite SHUFFLES memory was going to Long Island on a cold weekend in February 2016 to see fellow SHUFFLES students perform "Swan Fake" at Bravo! Dance Competition.

“I was so excited to be supporting my friends and was even more excited when they won three awards at their first competition ever! I felt very proud of SHUFFLES and the hard work that the girls had put into the number.”

As a self-proclaimed extrovert, when Jack isn’t dancing, he can be found hanging out with his friends, baking or trying out a new bubble tea spot in the city.

We will miss you, Jack, and wish you success in your future endeavors!


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