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Senior Spotlight: Hannah Dagen

Current Favorite Song: “Cockeyed Optimist” from South Pacific

Favorite Dance Scene: Another Day in the Sun from La La Land!

Hannah Dagen is graduating from Professional Children’s School this spring, and will be attending Vassar College in the fall to study Art History!  Before she heads off to college, Hannah hopes to make the most of her time in New York City spending it with her friends and family, especially her twin sister (and fellow SHUFFLES senior!) Alexandra before they part ways!  “I will definitely miss the excitement of being able to explore a city so rich in culture, arts, food, and natural beauty,” says Hannah.  “In college, I will have to learn how to fall asleep to a calmer environment, as opposed to the constant honking and music coming from cars on the city streets at midnight!”

Hannah has been a SHUFFLES student for 16 years, since she was two years old!  Of her many performances with SHUFFLES, her favorite was “Cell Block Tango,” which she did as a member of The Company in 2019’s No Place Like Home.  Talking about the May Shows, Hannah fondly remembers that every time the curtain goes down at the end of the performance, “the entire backstage erupts into laughter and cheer.  It is the best feeling of accomplishment and togetherness.”  What wonderful memories you can keep with you as you head off to college!

The biggest lesson Hannah learned while at SHUFFLES is to “never say no to yourself.  Whether it be a tap step that is particularly difficult, or a long rehearsal, I was taught that challenging yourself is the only way to reach your true potential as a dancer.”  When telling us what she will miss most about SHUFFLES, Hannah said, “I will miss the sense of community, encouragement, and excitement that I feel when walking into a studio at Studio Maestro. I have developed such close relationships with my classmates and teachers that I consider each one a part of my family. SHUFFLES offered me the perfect combination of artistic expression, teamwork, and sisterhood.”

When not at SHUFFLES, Hannah is taking photojournalism classes, drawing, painting, tutoring at her local community center, and going to see musicals on Broadway.  She plans to pursue a career in journalism or art history, but says she will always continue her passion for dance alongside her career!  Finally, her biggest inspiration is her mother, who pushes her to be the best version of herself, follow her dreams, and to work hard to achieve her goals.

We miss you already Hannah!  Congratulations!


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