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Senior Spotlight: Gabby Kislin

Current Favorite Songs: “On The Bound” by Fiona Apple and “The Sweet Escape” by Gwen Stefani

Favorite Dance Scene: “King of New York” from Newsies!

Gabby Kislin will be graduating from The Hewitt School this spring.  In the fall, she will be attending Northeastern University as a double major in Biology and Chemistry, with hopes to minor in some form of performing arts.  She is planning to travel with friends and family this summer, soak up her last moments in New York City before leaving for college. Gabby wants to work in health sciences doing research or work with pharmaceuticals, so she also hopes to intern with a medical lab this summer so she can have a head start for her future career!

Gabby has been a SHUFFLES student for 11 years, and has been part of many shows with us.  Her favorite dance was a part of 2019’s No Place Like Home, called “The Machine.”  That number was her first time doing a tap number fully a capella, which Gabby found to be an amazing learning experience, and she still uses the skills she learned from it today!  Gabby also enjoyed performing “One” in 2021’s About Town, feeling so thankful to be back on stage after such a long break.

On the lessons she learned as a SHUFFLES student, Gabby had this to say: “The staff at SHUFFLES have always told me to never say that I can't do something. You can always work on a skill enough to the point where you can do it. I have also learned that it is always better to be strong and wrong rather than not being confident.”  She also learned the importance of celebrating with your friends, saying that her favorite memory of her time is when the curtain goes down at the end of the May Show, and everyone erupts into cheers!

When not at SHUFFLES, Gabby loves to spend time with her friends and family, as well as skiing and snowboarding when the weather is right!  She says she will miss seeing Broadway shows, going to open dance classes, and the energy of New York City when she leaves for college. Finally, Gabby will miss the amazing students and faculty at SHUFFLES when she graduates, saying “SHUFFLES has become like a second family and support system.”

Congratulations Gabby!  You’ll always be a part of the SHUFFLES family!


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