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Senior Spotlight: Ella Stanley

1. What is your plan in the fall? Attending university? Traveling? Performing?

In the fall I will be attending Cornell University, majoring in Animal Science! I am eager to continue dancing and performing in college.

2. What were your favorite parts/performance features at Shuffles?

I loved being the first ever baby sheep with Sophia Paley in Peter Pantomime, and being able to perform this year as a big sheep felt like a beautiful full circle moment.

3. What is your favorite memory from your time at Shuffles?

I was always obsessed with becoming a mermaid in Peter Pantomime. Then one year I got to play the ukulele and sing La Mer as a mermaid and it was a dream come true!

4. How has Shuffles impacted you today?

Shuffles has been the longest community I’ve been a part of. It has made me outgoing, confident, and able to adapt to any situation because of everything that performance has taught me.

After 14 years at Shuffles I am really going to miss all my incredible friends, amazing teachers, and being able to dance alongside my Dad's piano!


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