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Senior Spotlight: Claire Annino

SHUFFLES Studio AP Member Claire Annino is graduating from the Calhoun School this year and then is headed to Chapman University to pursue a degree in Creative Writing. Claire is hoping to apply her studies to fiction or television writing, and also wants to continue doing theater.

Claire mentions that she will miss her friends at SHUFFLES and the family that she has gained from her time here.

“Although I joined SHUFFLES later than most, I was immediately welcomed, made strong, lasting friendships, and found a support system that I will truly miss when I leave for college.”

She also notes that when she first came to SHUFFLES, she was nervous to sing, even though she had been acting for awhile!

“When I first came to SHUFFLES, I was pretty insecure about performing...throughout my time at SHUFFLES, I have been surrounded by the most supportive, understanding, and encouraging group of people, and I think that one of the best lessons that I learned is to trust myself and trust that my fellow performers, teachers, and friends have my back,” she explains. “The confidence I have gained from SHUFFLES has made me a better performer and will help me as I continue into college.”

Her favorite SHUFFLES memory was going out with SHUFFLES friends following a performance to get crepes together, and sitting back and celebrating what they had accomplished.

“It definitely stuck with me because it was one of my first performances with SHUFFLES, and I knew that I was part of an incredible family!” she says.

When Claire is not at SHUFFLES, she attends a creative writing program where she is able to workshop her writing and she is also trained to be a counselor at their summer camp. She also has run varsity cross country for her entire high school career (and part of middle school, too), plays piano both classically and for her school's jazz program, and has participated in her school's theatre department for many years.

Claire’s inspiration is her family.

“They have always worked hard to pursue their passions, and have always encouraged me to do the same. My cousins, in particular, are huge sources of inspiration for me,” she notes. “Many of them are also interested in writing and theatre, and I've learned a lot from watching them pursue book deals, write for magazines, and even start their own theater companies.”

We will miss you, Claire, and wish you all the best!


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