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Meet Peter and Wendy!

Every year when it's time to do Peter Pantomime again, the holiday music starts, the magic floods in, and and we watch the show come to life with fresh faces in each part! Thankfully it's that time of year again! We've put together our 2016 cast for our 9th Annual Production of Peter Pantomime and started rehearsals.

One of our joys at SHUFFLES is to watch each of our students grow and achieve their dreams. That's why we are particularly excited to reveal this year's Peter Pan and Wendy! Peter Pan will be played by Wyatt Florin and Wendy will be played by Margot Krauss. Both of these students have played so many different parts in Peter Pantomime, either starting as a Little Indian or Lost Boy and working their way up, and we are thrilled to be able to have them as our leads! Congrats!!

Check out more about these amazing SHUFFLES Kids, and mark your calendars for Peter Pantomime on Nov. 27th! (Tickets go on sale Nov. 1st) (link and date and site)

"She is beyond thrilled! It has been her dream to be Wendy since she was a Little Indian when she was 8 years old! She has already taken out last year's script and started to memorize Wendy's lines!" - Margot's Mom

"Each year I participated in Peter Pantomime, I would always be inspired by the actress who played Wendy. I loved the character more and more every year. It is so exciting to play the role I have been dreaming of ever since I was a Little Indian in Peter Pantomime!" - Margot Krauss

Margot as John with Molly as Wendy

And our man, Peter Pan, started off a little "Slightly Soiled" and then got a leg up!

Wyatt as Tiger

Wyatt as Slightly Soiled, the lead Lost Boy

"I have worked for the past 6 years to play Peter Pan..I started as a lost boy and have aspired to this role from day 1. I am beyond excited to finally be Peter!" - Wyatt Florin


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